001 – Inside Out

 Every show needs an intro.  Every message, a messenger.

So here I am, your host.  I have a passion for showing people the possibility within themselves.  I do that in my clinic as a chiropractor and I do that as a coach with “Wake Up Chiro”.

After years of working with families, I felt called to start a podcast called “The SuperParent Syndrome” named after so many of the busy moms and dad trying to juggle everything from working, working out, and giving their kids everything their hearts can desire.  Parenting is not for the weak and as I joined the parenting ranks, I too became devoted to doing my best to create a real legacy.

But this project, this project has become a passion of mine after doing THE WORK (a Byron Katie shoutout), about many of the stories and fears I have collected over the years.  It really began after my affair and divorce and the path of self-loathing I took since.  I actively punished myself and my family and practice took the abuse from that.  After finding a mentor by the name of Garrett J. White (founder of WakeUpWarrior and the WarriorBook), he and his team helped me find my power and the forgiveness I was seeking.  And the ongoing work since to destroy my old stories and lies of fear and self-doubt.  My debt to them is my gift to you.

I aim to UNLEASH you.

I aim to REMIND you of who you TRULY are.

I aim to ARM you to help yourself.

Prepare yourself.

Your Host – Dr. Nick Fanning

I’m really excited for this new project of mine.  I love helping my clients not only feel better, but live better lives as I work with them.  This project, WORTHY, allows me to extend my reach and help even more and I’m excited that you found this website or podcast.

I am accepting clients but I want you to first head over to the WORTHY Facebook page so you can begin to participate on a daily basis with all the content, downloads, and discussions that will be happening on a daily basis.  If you’re ready for more, then private message me there to begin your journey.