006 – The Imposter Inside My Head with Kathy Bourque

 Why You Should Listen

My interview with Kathy for my sister podcast, The SuperParent Syndrome, ended up being the muse for this whole movement.  So, if you have even liked one show thus far, then you’ll love this “origin story” and we will be discussing the impostor syndrome, stories about balancing motherhood and careers and finally her best recommendations on what you can do now to move forward.

Show Notes

1:15 Interview Start
2:16 Impostor Complex and Kathy’s Journey with that.
4:36 Drew Dudley:  Leadership is Influence
6:40 Schedule reflects values and working with values
7:41 Values can change and fluctuate (warning sound glitches)
10:41 How do you create an “everyone is a leader” culture
13:41 Balancing work and parenting and how to fulfill yourself
14:30 how to get clear on your values
17:45 Corporate Speaking
18:15 Recent stories she has battled
19:40 Lessons from the top, from General Peter Pace
20:40 Tough Love and Self-Coaching
22:50 Her Ideal client – the self recovering perfectionist
24:25 Action Step:  her book and the journey ahead
26:15 Behind the Scenes
27:50 Book Recommendations
29:15 Contact Info and Last thoughts

Links and Resources

Kathy’s Website

Kathy’s Facebook Page

Drew Dudley’s TED Talk

SuperParent Syndrome Website

SuperParent Episode featuring Kathy Bourque

005 – Transitional Anxiety with Dr. Nima Rahmany

Why You Should Listen

Have you been stuck at a crossroads?  Can’t move on from a situation?  Unsure?  Conflicted?

Dr. Nima is an expert at “Transitional Anxiety” and helps clients take the next step with clarity.  Meaning relationships, careers, spirituality – whatever you might be clinging onto (even if you’re miserable) and you’ve been procrastinating any kind of decision.

The Notes

1:42 Transitional anxiety and how we cling to the predictable and yet miserable “known”
4:00 Career change declaration
6:30 Transitions for health, spiritual health, relationships, work, basically all across the board.
8:05 Dark side vs. Light side and the dangers of supressing
13:30 Sedation from Self
15:00 Wake Up Calls to the repression of looking at self.
17:45 Why are we so clueless?
21:00 Happy Dancing video and jumping into speaking and the explosive growth.
25:00 2nd Dark Period of his life as an uppercut from the Universe.
28:00 Asking for Help
30:00 Contact information
32:00 Blame game?  Or empowered toward change?

Link and References

Dr. Nima Facebook

Dr. Nima’s Video (Referenced in Podcast)

Main Website for Worthy Inside Out

Worthy Inside Out Facebook Page