007 – You Are NOT Done with Kiel Taylor

The Backstory

I first met Kiel in June 2017 and have watched his evolution as he left Iraq and transitioned his new life as coach and lead trainer with The Wolf Project where he leads men through an Eight week coaching process with a final weekend mission in the mountains to increase a man’s capacity.

The Timeline

2:30 Introduction and Billy Joel
3:00 Balance in the Art of War vs. Song and Dance
4:00 Emotions of the Military and the transition from Iraq
5:30 Diving into finding a coach and a system with both feet and running from suicide.
6:30 Purpose of his projects “The Wolf Project” and “Men of Power”.
8:00 Emotions and expressing within the military – man vs stereotype
8:40 Who am I?
9:30 It’s OK to cry and gaining the strength to do so.
11:30 How do you lead men to reveal emotion and become authentic
14:30 The Rough Childhood and how similar the stories really are.
15:10 I’m not allowed to feel so I fought
16:30 The story of being a tattooed dirtbag that can fight
17:50 Hiding the dark side and sedating in the basement
18:30 Running away to have the ARMY fix me
20:15 Looking for someone to save him
21:50 Finding the way
22:45 Who Am I?  The start of the Transformation
24:10 Who do I want to become?
25:40 Rewriting the story
26:20 What Now?  What stories are you tackling now?
28:05 Leading men into their own war zone
29:10 Daily Power
30:00 You can’t go back if you’re constantly focusing on evolving
31:00 His advice to all men
31:40 The Wolf Project details
33:30 Results speak – case studies
35:00 Contact Kiel Taylor
37:20 YOU’RE NOT DONE (Final Thought)

The Links and Resources

Men of Power FB Page

The Wolf Project

The Wolf Project FB Page

Kiel Taylor Instagram

Worthy Inside Out Facebook Page

Wake Up Warrior


006 – The Imposter Inside My Head with Kathy Bourque

 Why You Should Listen

My interview with Kathy for my sister podcast, The SuperParent Syndrome, ended up being the muse for this whole movement.  So, if you have even liked one show thus far, then you’ll love this “origin story” and we will be discussing the impostor syndrome, stories about balancing motherhood and careers and finally her best recommendations on what you can do now to move forward.

Show Notes

1:15 Interview Start
2:16 Impostor Complex and Kathy’s Journey with that.
4:36 Drew Dudley:  Leadership is Influence
6:40 Schedule reflects values and working with values
7:41 Values can change and fluctuate (warning sound glitches)
10:41 How do you create an “everyone is a leader” culture
13:41 Balancing work and parenting and how to fulfill yourself
14:30 how to get clear on your values
17:45 Corporate Speaking
18:15 Recent stories she has battled
19:40 Lessons from the top, from General Peter Pace
20:40 Tough Love and Self-Coaching
22:50 Her Ideal client – the self recovering perfectionist
24:25 Action Step:  her book and the journey ahead
26:15 Behind the Scenes
27:50 Book Recommendations
29:15 Contact Info and Last thoughts

Links and Resources

Kathy’s Website

Kathy’s Facebook Page

Drew Dudley’s TED Talk

SuperParent Syndrome Website

SuperParent Episode featuring Kathy Bourque

005 – Transitional Anxiety with Dr. Nima Rahmany

Why You Should Listen

Have you been stuck at a crossroads?  Can’t move on from a situation?  Unsure?  Conflicted?

Dr. Nima is an expert at “Transitional Anxiety” and helps clients take the next step with clarity.  Meaning relationships, careers, spirituality – whatever you might be clinging onto (even if you’re miserable) and you’ve been procrastinating any kind of decision.

The Notes

1:42 Transitional anxiety and how we cling to the predictable and yet miserable “known”
4:00 Career change declaration
6:30 Transitions for health, spiritual health, relationships, work, basically all across the board.
8:05 Dark side vs. Light side and the dangers of supressing
13:30 Sedation from Self
15:00 Wake Up Calls to the repression of looking at self.
17:45 Why are we so clueless?
21:00 Happy Dancing video and jumping into speaking and the explosive growth.
25:00 2nd Dark Period of his life as an uppercut from the Universe.
28:00 Asking for Help
30:00 Contact information
32:00 Blame game?  Or empowered toward change?

Link and References

Dr. Nima Facebook

Dr. Nima’s Video (Referenced in Podcast)

Main Website for Worthy Inside Out

Worthy Inside Out Facebook Page

003 – Finding Your Tribe with Alain Desaulniers

 The Backstory

I met Dr. Alain about six years ago in Texas at a mastermind meeting.  I since seen this man travel the word spreading his message and being on countless podcasts and events.  His is message of love and passion and you’ll see quickly why I was so drawn to have him on my podcast.  But he wasn’t always this way.  Check out his struggles and his rise.

Show Notes

1:16 Struggles out of school and the backstory
2:40 Parents give their lifelong advice
6:40 Edge of bankruptcy and why are the lights off?
7:30 You are not alone, we all have struggled
8:40 Isolation and self-doubt
9:30 The moment is shifted and when it turned all around
11:30 Clients and their stories; “I’m unworthy”
13:50 Helping you get clear about what you really want
14:15 Taking Nick through some self-discovery
16:50 What we want vs don’t want
18:40 Simple things add up
20:15 Ideal Tribe
23:20 A good tribe sees more in yourself than you actually do
24:40 The tribe he has created
30:00 What can you do right now (Action Step)
34:00 Contact Info
37:40 Behind The Scenes

Links and Contact Info

Alain’s Facebook Page

Tribe X Website

003 – Karen Osburn

 The Backstory

Karen will leave a lasting impression with today’s message.  Although she feels led to lead the married woman down a powerful path; I myself, have been drawn to her energy and passion over the past two years.  I regularly share her content because I know she has the tools and message to help my clients.

She now leads over 1.3 MILLION subscribers and you’ll quickly see why.  Her authenticity is unparalleled and I find her refreshingly pure and real.  She holds back no punches in this interview and it is my hope that each and everyone of you take the time to engage with her content after today.

Show Notes

 2:00 Get Clear on what you want.
4:30 Leaving one career for another
6:00 Challenges and Life’s Collisions
7:30 Finding her voice
10:30 Switching the Dream
12:00 Date night declaration on a dinner napkin and the next step
13:30 You can’t lead another from a place that you have never been.
14:00 Marriage and relationships is the anchor for a woman’s power.
16:15 “Facebook perfect” vs REALITY
17:30 Jerry Maguire and the hard truth
19:00 Story:  “Nobody Gets Me”
20:00 Story: “Who am I to lead this?”
21:45 Imposter syndrome and the study of “I can’t”
27:00 Ideal Clients, and “The Why”
31:00 There is always content when you are married with kids.
32:30 How to Contact Dr. Karen.



























Links and Contact Information:

002 – The Trainer’s Mindset with Gary Swarni

 The Backstory

I first met Gary Swarni in a men’s group with the WakeUpWarrior movement led by Garrett J White and Sam Falsafi in early 2017.  After spending a few weeks training under this program, I personally hired him to help me break out of my fitness pit and the rest, as you say, is history.  More of his training was dealing with the stories and hurdles I had placed before me after YEARS of poor fitness and eating habits.  And thus, why I wanted him to be the first interview here at WORTHY – so that as you embark on a new year, you have this man in your corner.  Not only is he a personal trainer, but he literally coaches and trains other gym owners and trainers.  His passion for this is quickly evident and you’ll see how he could help you break your mold.  Listen in to meet, Gary Swarni.

Show Notes

 1:52 Gary takes over and introduces himself and his purpose
4:24 Why Gary is on this podcast.
4:57 92% of people do this each year and less than 8% actually finish it.
5:59 Paralysis by information overload
8:53 The “stories” that paralyze us.
10:32 Fixing the story will keep you from the results you want because it was the story that holds you back
14:37 When you have bad days a coach will keep you moving.  This all has been done before, there are trends when people drop off or need support and a coach knows this and will help you keep moving.
16:37 How the internet has changed personal training
21:02 Accountability Redefined.
22:37 Gary discusses how his own challenges has allowed him to be a better coach.
25:10 Lead by example – Gary only trains on what he has personally owned.  Intention is everything.
28:30 “Living with a Seal” book recommendation – and your challenge for 2018.
29:50 Gary talks about his personal mindset and how he pushes himself to level up.
36:05 Stories vs. Facts:  how a coach helps you through that.
38:00 Call to Action:  what you need to do RIGHT NOW
38:15 Gary’s Contact info
42:00 Family and friends likely will NOT hold you to a higher standard.  They have their own stories on you!  That is why you need a coach or trainer to help you become MORE.
47:00 Wrapping Up
Bonus Behind the scenes where we talk bucket lists, quotes, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!



Links and Contact Information:

Elevate Fitness Facebook Page

Gary’s Instagram

001 – Inside Out

 Every show needs an intro.  Every message, a messenger.

So here I am, your host.  I have a passion for showing people the possibility within themselves.  I do that in my clinic as a chiropractor and I do that as a coach with “Wake Up Chiro”.

After years of working with families, I felt called to start a podcast called “The SuperParent Syndrome” named after so many of the busy moms and dad trying to juggle everything from working, working out, and giving their kids everything their hearts can desire.  Parenting is not for the weak and as I joined the parenting ranks, I too became devoted to doing my best to create a real legacy.

But this project, this project has become a passion of mine after doing THE WORK (a Byron Katie shoutout), about many of the stories and fears I have collected over the years.  It really began after my affair and divorce and the path of self-loathing I took since.  I actively punished myself and my family and practice took the abuse from that.  After finding a mentor by the name of Garrett J. White (founder of WakeUpWarrior and the WarriorBook), he and his team helped me find my power and the forgiveness I was seeking.  And the ongoing work since to destroy my old stories and lies of fear and self-doubt.  My debt to them is my gift to you.

I aim to UNLEASH you.

I aim to REMIND you of who you TRULY are.

I aim to ARM you to help yourself.

Prepare yourself.