Karen will leave a lasting impression with today’s message.  Although she feels led to lead the married woman down a powerful path; I myself, have been drawn to her energy and passion over the past two years.  I regularly share her content because I know she has the tools and message to help my clients. She now leads over 1.3 MILLION subscribers and you’ll quickly see why.  Her authenticity is unparalleled and I find her refreshingly pure and real.  She holds back no punches in this interview and it is my hope that each and everyone of you take the time to engage with her content after today.

I first met Gary Swarni in a men’s group with the WakeUpWarrior movement led by Garrett J White and Sam Falsafi in early 2017.  After spending a few weeks training under this program, I personally hired him to help me break out of my fitness pit and the rest, as you say, is history.

Every show needs an intro.  Every message, a messenger. So here I am, your host.  I have a passion for showing people the possibility within themselves.  I do that in my clinic as a chiropractor and I do that as a coach with “Wake Up Chiro”.

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