Month: February 2018

007 – You Are NOT Done with Kiel Taylor

The Backstory

I first met Kiel in June 2017 and have watched his evolution as he left Iraq and transitioned his new life as coach and lead trainer with The Wolf Project where he leads men through an Eight week coaching process with a final weekend mission in the mountains to increase a man’s capacity.

The Timeline

2:30 Introduction and Billy Joel
3:00 Balance in the Art of War vs. Song and Dance
4:00 Emotions of the Military and the transition from Iraq
5:30 Diving into finding a coach and a system with both feet and running from suicide.
6:30 Purpose of his projects “The Wolf Project” and “Men of Power”.
8:00 Emotions and expressing within the military – man vs stereotype
8:40 Who am I?
9:30 It’s OK to cry and gaining the strength to do so.
11:30 How do you lead men to reveal emotion and become authentic
14:30 The Rough Childhood and how similar the stories really are.
15:10 I’m not allowed to feel so I fought
16:30 The story of being a tattooed dirtbag that can fight
17:50 Hiding the dark side and sedating in the basement
18:30 Running away to have the ARMY fix me
20:15 Looking for someone to save him
21:50 Finding the way
22:45 Who Am I?  The start of the Transformation
24:10 Who do I want to become?
25:40 Rewriting the story
26:20 What Now?  What stories are you tackling now?
28:05 Leading men into their own war zone
29:10 Daily Power
30:00 You can’t go back if you’re constantly focusing on evolving
31:00 His advice to all men
31:40 The Wolf Project details
33:30 Results speak – case studies
35:00 Contact Kiel Taylor
37:20 YOU’RE NOT DONE (Final Thought)

The Links and Resources

Men of Power FB Page

The Wolf Project

The Wolf Project FB Page

Kiel Taylor Instagram

Worthy Inside Out Facebook Page

Wake Up Warrior


006 – The Imposter Inside My Head with Kathy Bourque

 Why You Should Listen

My interview with Kathy for my sister podcast, The SuperParent Syndrome, ended up being the muse for this whole movement.  So, if you have even liked one show thus far, then you’ll love this “origin story” and we will be discussing the impostor syndrome, stories about balancing motherhood and careers and finally her best recommendations on what you can do now to move forward.

Show Notes

1:15 Interview Start
2:16 Impostor Complex and Kathy’s Journey with that.
4:36 Drew Dudley:  Leadership is Influence
6:40 Schedule reflects values and working with values
7:41 Values can change and fluctuate (warning sound glitches)
10:41 How do you create an “everyone is a leader” culture
13:41 Balancing work and parenting and how to fulfill yourself
14:30 how to get clear on your values
17:45 Corporate Speaking
18:15 Recent stories she has battled
19:40 Lessons from the top, from General Peter Pace
20:40 Tough Love and Self-Coaching
22:50 Her Ideal client – the self recovering perfectionist
24:25 Action Step:  her book and the journey ahead
26:15 Behind the Scenes
27:50 Book Recommendations
29:15 Contact Info and Last thoughts

Links and Resources

Kathy’s Website

Kathy’s Facebook Page

Drew Dudley’s TED Talk

SuperParent Syndrome Website

SuperParent Episode featuring Kathy Bourque