005 – Transitional Anxiety with Dr. Nima Rahmany

Why You Should Listen

Have you been stuck at a crossroads?  Can’t move on from a situation?  Unsure?  Conflicted?

Dr. Nima is an expert at “Transitional Anxiety” and helps clients take the next step with clarity.  Meaning relationships, careers, spirituality – whatever you might be clinging onto (even if you’re miserable) and you’ve been procrastinating any kind of decision.

The Notes

1:42 Transitional anxiety and how we cling to the predictable and yet miserable “known”
4:00 Career change declaration
6:30 Transitions for health, spiritual health, relationships, work, basically all across the board.
8:05 Dark side vs. Light side and the dangers of supressing
13:30 Sedation from Self
15:00 Wake Up Calls to the repression of looking at self.
17:45 Why are we so clueless?
21:00 Happy Dancing video and jumping into speaking and the explosive growth.
25:00 2nd Dark Period of his life as an uppercut from the Universe.
28:00 Asking for Help
30:00 Contact information
32:00 Blame game?  Or empowered toward change?

Link and References

Dr. Nima Facebook

Dr. Nima’s Video (Referenced in Podcast)

Main Website for Worthy Inside Out

Worthy Inside Out Facebook Page

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