003 – Finding Your Tribe with Alain Desaulniers

 The Backstory

I met Dr. Alain about six years ago in Texas at a mastermind meeting.  I since seen this man travel the word spreading his message and being on countless podcasts and events.  His is message of love and passion and you’ll see quickly why I was so drawn to have him on my podcast.  But he wasn’t always this way.  Check out his struggles and his rise.

Show Notes

1:16 Struggles out of school and the backstory
2:40 Parents give their lifelong advice
6:40 Edge of bankruptcy and why are the lights off?
7:30 You are not alone, we all have struggled
8:40 Isolation and self-doubt
9:30 The moment is shifted and when it turned all around
11:30 Clients and their stories; “I’m unworthy”
13:50 Helping you get clear about what you really want
14:15 Taking Nick through some self-discovery
16:50 What we want vs don’t want
18:40 Simple things add up
20:15 Ideal Tribe
23:20 A good tribe sees more in yourself than you actually do
24:40 The tribe he has created
30:00 What can you do right now (Action Step)
34:00 Contact Info
37:40 Behind The Scenes

Links and Contact Info

Alain’s Facebook Page

Tribe X Website

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